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This list is published weekly in the local papers and new details added to our website on a weekly basis. We advertise found strays for 3 weeks before beginning to rehome them.

Details of lost and found cats can be posted on the CP Facebook page, but please be aware that if you want the cats to be listed on this page and in the local paper you MUST report them to our Lost/Found Officer on 01458 831419 as well.

If you lose your cat, check with your local Neighbourhood Watch and ask them to email all their members about it. A photo always helps. Also see below

To report a missing cat or claim a found one, see below.

w/c 3/4/17

  • LOST     Male tabby from Sharpham .
  • Un-neutered Persian male from Old Church Road, Axbridge.

w/c 10/4/17

  • LOST From Churchill Close, Wells 6 year old grey tortie who has a litter of 5 week old kittens at home.

w/c 17/4/17

  • LOST No cats have been reported lost this week.

w/c 24/4/17

  • LOST   No cats have been reported lost this week.

w/c 1/5/17

  • LOST   No cats have been reported lost this week.

w/c 8/5/17

  • LOST     white female with tortie patches from Barton St David,
  • 14 yo black male who is neutered and microchipped from Hood Close, Glastonbury,
  • Small black male who is neutered and microchipped from West Street in Wells.

w/c 15/5/17

  • LOST    from Evercreech a tortie wearing a collar bearing her name  Tigger.

w/c 22/5/17

  • LOST  Large cream Bengal/Siamese from Lambrook Street, Glastonbury,
  • Short haired tabby female who is microchipped from Farrington Lane, between Doulting and Cranmore.

w/c 29/5/817

  • LOST Black neutered male from Castle House, Keinton Mandeville

w/c 5/6/17

  • LOST   No cats have been reported lost this week.

w/c 12/6/17

  • LOST for the second time, 7 year old un-neutered male Siamese.  May be heading for Dodd Avenue where it was found last time. - YEP, he did it again - back to Dodd Avenue and he has now been picked up by his owner!

w/c 19/6/17

  • LOST   No cats have been reported lost this week.

w/c 26/6/17

  • LOST   Silver grey 7 year old female from Everett Close, Wells,

  • 3 year old black short haired male, microchipped, from Charlton Mackrell
w/c 3/7/17
  • LOST  No cats have been reported lost this week

w/c 10/7/17

  • LOST   Short Haired Black male from Wilfred Road, Street, 
  • b/w microchipped male from Wand Road, Wells.

w/c 17/7/17

  • LOST  No cats have been reported lost this week

w/c 24/7/17

  • LOST     Grey and brown long haired female from Blandford Road, Shepton Mallet, 
  • White male with grey patches on his side from Queens Road, Somerton
  • Large tabby female from Queens Road, Street,
  • Long haired light brown Persian male from Dunston Road, Glastonbury.

w/c 31/7/17

  • LOST   b/w cat from Charlton Road, Shepton Mallet

w/c 07/8/17

  • LOST    Large black male from Selwood Road, G'Bury

w/c 14/8/17

  • LOST   Small male tabby that is neutered and microchipped from Broadwalk in Street,
  • Grey tabby male with white spot under chin, neutered and microchipped from Silver Street, G'Bury,
  • Long haired black female from East Compton Nr Shepton Mallet.

w/c 21/8/17

  • LOST   Shepton Mallet, 1yo black un-neutered male with blue collar from Wells Road. G'Bury, black male who is microchipped but not neutered from Tadley Acres, Shepton Mallet.
w/c 28/8/17
  • LOST Sandy ginger male, lost from Lethbridge Road, Wells and may be heading home to South Horrington. He was “on holiday” in Lethbridge Road.
  • Black male, chipped un-neutered, from Tadley Acres, Shepton MalletLost Somerton

w/c 11/9/17

  • LOST ginger neutered female with white spot on chin, from Butleigh

w/c 25/09/17

  • LOST  b/w microchipped female from Woodbury Avenue, Wells,
  • Tabby male with white chest and socks from Waverley Estate, Somerton photo >>> 
  • Black male, not microchipped or neutered from Campkin Road,Wells 

 w/c 8/10/17

  • LOST Ginger tabby female with white markings from Norah Fry Avenue, Shepton Mallet.
  • Dark tabby male, from  Sharpham.



w/c  16/10/17

  • LOST Black and white female from Launcherley, She is neutered and microchipped and suffers from epilepsy so her owner is concerned that she is missing her medication.
  • Black and white 11 year old male, chipped and neutered. From Cranhill Road, Street. 
  • Grey/white tabby, male, chipped and neutered 17 year old from Roman Way G'Bury.



w/c 30/10/17

  • LOST Friendly black male with white chest. 12 year old, neutered and microchipped, from Shepton Mallet 
  • LOST  Misty a grey/white long haired cat is still missing from Wookey Hole Road area of Wells. We thought she had been found but sadly not the case. Microchipped  (photo <<<)

 LOST  Dark tabby lost in Sharpham is still missing. 

w/c 20/11/17

  • LOST   From Cannards Grave area of Shepton Mallet on November 15th (Carnival Night) TWO cats from the same household. A 10 year old grey female and a young neutered ginger tom.

w/c 04/12/17

  • LOST  Ginger tom neutered and chipped, from South Horrington



We sometimes find cats who are microchipped but their owners have not notified the microchip company that they have moved house - it is then impossible to reunite these people with their pet. IF YOU MOVE; CHANGE YOUR DETAILS ON THE MICROCHIP DATABASE - it is pointless having the cat chipped if you don't.

There is a very thin, elderly grey cat causing concern in the Strawberry Hill area of Street. This cat does have an owner and is receiving medical treatment so please don't feed it or bring into your house.


w/c 14/8/17

  • DO YOU KNOW THIS CAT? The male cat in this  pic >>> is a stray in Found in WestburyWestbury. Notices have been put in the Wells Journal, and in  Westbury village but no response.

w/c 14/8/17

  • FOUND    greyish white nervous cat with a pink collar in West Horrington Owner found


    w/c 21/8/17

  • FOUND  No cats have been reported found this week.



w/c 2/9/17

  • FOUND In Grange Road, Street, Friendly black cat. 

w/c 8/10/17

  • FOUND  long haired black cat with white chest and paws, in Castle Cary



w/c 6/11/17

  • FOUND  5 month old tortie on November 4th in Westfield, Shepton Mallet. >>>photo>>>
  • B/W timid cat in Burleigh Lane, Street.
  • FOUND  Elderly grey/white cat long haired in Gaston Close Street  (<<< photo)
  • FOUND  November 2nd. Black cat with white bib, in Street.  




w/c 13/11/17 

  •  FOUND Ginger kitten is being seen in the Mount Pleasant area of Wells
  •  A black kitten 3/4 months old was found in the Millands area of Somerton and is at Somerton Vets now.


If you find or lose a cat, let us know. Phone Rosemary & Helen on  01458 831419 with the details.

 Also contact your local Neighbourhood Watch, and try the advice given in this video:










































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