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Glastonbury and Wells Cats Protection have a number of cats in their pens and even more waiting to come in when we have space. These cats are lovely, friendly moggies who are homeless through no fault of their own or their owners. Just victims of circumstance, patiently waiting for someone to love them.

All cats homed by Glastonbury and Wells CP have been routinely health checked, treated for fleas and worms and neutered if old enough. 

Why adopt a cat from Cats Protection? Click the link to find out more.

If the health check reveals any problems like dentals for older cats the necessary treatments will have been carried out.

In addition they are fully vaccinated and micro chipped. We can also offer the new owner 4 weeks free insurance, courtesy of Pet Plan.

Our kittens will not have been neutered but when they are 5 months the Charity will pay the full cost of neutering. At the time they are neutered we will arrange for them to be microchipped. This procedure will  also be paid for by the Charity.

Our Adoption fee for cats or kittens is £60.

In this frantic and stressful world, curling up with a loving, purring feline and a cup of hot chocolate, or gin and tonic if you prefer, is a great way to soothe away the worries at the end of the day.

Please phone the fosterer listed with the cat to find out more about it. It is a decision you won't regret.

Below are all the domestic cats currently available. The situation changes from day to day - sometimes hour to hour - so phone the number given for each cat to find out if it is still available. We try to be honest in our descriptions and will always tell you of any problems with any cat.

If you don't see the cat you are looking for on this page please contact Gill on 01749 850660. We have a waiting list of cats to come in for re-homing and it may be that the cat for you is on that list.


MojoMojo MOJO



Mojo has been with us since January and is longing to find a new loving home, especially now that Spring is here and like any red blooded cat he wants to be out and about exploring and making a new territory.

He is a really handsome pale ginger and white fellow who is nearly 9 years old, but looks much younger. Mojo is human friendly and confident. He loves his food and is perfectly healthy and generally very enthusiastic about life.

He needs a country or village home and would not be happy in a town situation with a high concentration of other cats in the same area. This fellow needs his own space. He would be happy in a family home with older children. Mojo is very uncertain around dogs, even a cat friendly one isn't acceptable to him.

Please phone Gill on 01749 850660 if you could offer Mojo the right home. He has a lot of love and companionship to give to the right person.

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BlueBlue BLUE

Blue is a very handsome tabby and white fellow who came to us as a stray. He is 5 years old.

He is a very friendly happy cat but when we had him tested and neutered the tests came back positive for FIV. Blue is healthy and there is no reason why he shouldn't stay that way provided he is homed as the only cat to an indoor home. He did show signs of mild cat flu when he first came into our care, but that has cleared up and he is being vaccinated.

As Blue will be an indoor cat and is still quite young and active he needs a spacious home and lots of stimulation in the form of toys and interactive games to keep him occupied. Cats Protection can give lots of advice and help to his new owner with this.

If you could offer this special needs cat the right home, please contact Pauline on 01749 840293


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Pickles PICKLES 


Pickles is a rather large neutered male.  We don't know exactly how old he is but the vet thinks he's around 6 years old.  Pickles is quite a confident cat and would be happy with a quiet dog and children.  He is very over weight so will need to be on a diet for a bit.  This is not anything to worry about and we can help you with that.


Please phone Emma on 01458 850823 if you are the person who could help Pickles to a happy and healthier life.



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Smudge SMUDGE 

Smudge is 3 or 4 years old and is a very loving cat. She likes to snuggle down on someone’s lap and have a little fuss. She likes to go outside and can be very playful at times. She does have loads of toys but I find the best thing she likes to play with is a long dead leaf from one of my plants. She has great fun with this as I move it around the floor. I have been allowing her to sleep on my bed but she is very adaptable if this would not be appropriate with a new owner. She isn’t keen on other cats and I’m not sure how she would be if she needed to live with another one and I have no idea what she is like with any other pets. She is a vocal cat at times and will always welcome me when I come home and likes to make an announcement that she is home when she comes in from being outside.

Smudge is a much loved cat but her owner is moving to accommodation where she can't have a pet so must reluctantly find her a new, loving home.

Contact Emma on 01458 850823 to offer this sweet natured cat a new home.

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The cats and kittens listed in the Direct Homings section are still with their owners. It may be that we don't yet have room for them yet or that their owners don't want them to go into pens - there are many possible reasons. Unless otherwise stated, Glastonbury & Wells Cats Protection have not seen these cats to assess them for suitability for rehoming. The description given is from the existing owner.


KITTENS for Rehoming



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